Music Through All Channels Workshop

CIT Cork School of Music, in association with the Kodály

Society of Ireland and the Association of Irish Choirs,

presents an exciting music education event in Cork, 21st-

24th March. KSI members may avail of the concession rate.

Music Through All Channels with Dr Brent Gault

A series of workshops on music education on Wed 21st, Thurs 22nd, Fri 23rd & Sat 24th March

2012 in the CIT Cork School of Music

An exciting opportunity to experience a fresh multi-sensory approach to music education and

choral training integrating elements from Kodály, Orff and Dalcroze philosophies.
Workshops include Music in the Early Years: Laying the Foundation for Active Musical

Participation, Music Learning through All Channels: Aural, Visual, and Kinesthetic Strategies for Develong Musicianship, Moving Towards Musicianship: Teacher workshop including a

demonstration lesson with a junior CSM musicianship class and Music Learning in the Children’s

Choral Setting: Teacher and choral director workshop including a demonstration rehearsal with

the CSM Junior Choir.
For more details and schedule of events, see http://www.cit.ie/currentnews?id=331

Booking form http://www.cit.ie/contentfiles/PDFs/Kodaly%20Workshop%20Booking%20Form.pdf

Please direct enquiries to kodalyworkshops@cit.ie

Dr Brent Gault has taught elementary and early childhood music courses in
 Texas, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. He
 specialises in elementary general music

education, early childhood music education, and Kodály-inspired methodology. Gault also has

training in both the Orff and Dalcroze approaches to music education. He has presented

pedagogical sessions and research at conferences and colleges in the USA, Canada, Europe,

and China. Gault is currently an Associate Professor and Chair of Music Education at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where he is also the programme director for the Indiana

University Children's Choir. He is a past president of
the Organisation of American Kodály